A new start

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So I ended up changing the blog I usually use due to a strange bug making it impossible to add a link in a post, and dived into Zola, a static site engine written in Rust. (and yes, it’s been a month since I began to write/test/tweak these words, did I already say that geeking time was sparse ?). You’ll notice too on entry page that my Codeberg/github activity is low to say the least, I hope that it’ll get higher in the coming months. By the way, Codeberg link points to Codeberg main page and not my repos because I need to recover my password and haven’t done it yet.

Of course, previous posts are still available here, if anyone cares.

While I’m at it, I previously forgot to talk about a couple things (or things happened after my last post) :

Actually, I did not really forget about Foreman. But Debian 12 support is planned for the next stable release, 3.8 (actually 3.8 is out since I begun to write this post, and Debian 12 is still unsupported), so it’s a no go. Plus its installation is kind of a nightmare, it deploys Puppet to deploy Foreman, sigh. I know why now in a previous life guys were afraid to update Foreman and let it rot until a new deployment from « scratch » was necessary.

HashiCorp changed its licensing terms, I guess, if you’re reading this, that you’re aware of it. So I won’t go the HashiCorp route and will dive into Kubernetes instead, or maybe OpenShift. Or something else ? I’m not yet fully decided.

Let’s talk a bit about Tinkerbell. I’ve dived a (very) (little) bit into its documentation. I’m unsure I like the way it has to be installed and how it works (classical matter of tastes and colors probably). I may fall back to MAAS to deploy machines, but that means getting rid of Debian because grmbl Canonical grmbl doesn’t give a sh*t to the « father » of Ubuntu. Oh well. Apparently Dash is not supported out of the box, and the machines I own don’t have any kind of BMC. We’ll see if I end up hacking something. Anyway things will have to progress one way or another.

That’s it for today ! Let’s get back to my Ansible playbook to tweak my personnal env before diving again into infra automation stuff. I’ll try to give more news sooner next time…