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CPU and RAM are at home. CPU is working, but RAM isn’t. Previous owner cleaned it with alcohool and I can’t get it to work at all, whether alone on every slot, in dual channel mode or even fully populated. This on two different mobos.

Oh well, I’ve had a refund, and CPU cost me 21.5€ precisely which is a great deal to me. My desktop box had 2×8 and 2×4GB of RAM. 16 being enough for my needs, I’ve moved 2×4 to the other mobo now running the Phenom II. No Dash, BMC or anything here, so I’ve installed a 22.04 by hand on it on an already kind of failing SATA SSD (don’t have the brand / model at hand but known to fail…). No GC was needed as there’s an onboard one (which I had completely forgotten about). It just lacks a gbps network card, It’ll come later. Oh, and I bought a n-th hand micro-atx tower+PSU to host the mobo for 20€, almost 25 with shipping. 220+21.5+25=266.5€. A gbps network card is ~8€ so spendings will stop at ~275€. Which is quite a bargain I’d say.

So the cluster in now up to 6 boxes. One gateway/firewall, 4 A10-8770E, 1 Phenom II x6 1055T. That’s 24 (very slow to not that slow but slow anyway) cores. Additionnal RAM for the A10s is coming normally by the end of next week (thanks Binôme !). It’s more than enough to toy with a lot of things.

Going back to tech, I’ve begun to change Molecule recipe to use a VM instead of a container. Should be finished in a week or so. Then I should be able (at last…) to begin testing and debugging of Dash support through MAAS.