Same player shoots again

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OK. So to sum up, this is not one, but two blatant failures. Maybe a third incoming ?

Dash & WoL for MAAS

So I’ve been able to find some old patches for older versions of MAAS.

  • Dash has never been merged and I only found an incomplete patch, tried to reach the author without success.
  • WoL used to be integrated, so I tried to revive it back in my own branch on Codeberg (I seriously doubt MAAS maintainers accept to reintegrate it)

Debian 12

That one will be quick. I tried to get MAAS to build on it. It misses several packages so I’ve had enough of losing quite a bunch of time with it. I then decided to reinstall using…

Ubuntu 23.10

After several tries, a couple patches here and there (piston3, maas for Django 4 compatibility), I finally got MAAS to build and install properly. Hooray ! Looks like one can’t get a fully automated install using MAAS cli. I think I’ll have to cheat a bit, but I need to find where and how. Anyway, during Web UI config, MAAS got stuck and according to logs (which I don’t have anymore as the machine is presently getting reinstalled again) there is an incompatibility deeper into MAAS/Django/whatever, which I didn’t feel brave enough to chase. After all, that’s probably why Mantic is not officially supported with .deb packages. And, do I need to remind that I’m running 3.5-alpha1 git master branch…and I just can’t use snap as patches can’t be (easily ?) applied on it. So I’ll fall back to the officially supported platform for MAAS.

Ubuntu 22.04

Wifi hiccups with Linux 6.2 during installation. grmbl. Had to restart the installer. Looks like it’s humming nicely right now, though it’s spinning for a while at « installing kernel » (hell, yes, that AMD E-350 is SLOW). Next time I’ll get a vagrant or something for testing as it’ll definitely be faster, whether on my Ryzen 2500U or my Phenom II X6 1055T (no, I don’t own AMD stocks). Damned, « Sorry, there was a problem completing the installation (yes, I’m writing this during 22.04 install). Once again network error. Let’s have a try with 5.15. Install worked nicely. Machine is booting for the 1st time running 22.04. More news soon !