SshAdmin is born !

Hi fellow SysAds around there !

Some of you probably know of Chef, Puppet, Ansible…which are great tools but may prove a bit of overkill for a smaller amount of machines (I do have to manage around 30 boxes/vm) and deploying one of these tools would take too much time for the gain thereafter.
So I found ClusterSSH. Sweet. But it has some rough edges (copy a couple lines to it anyone ? or one console losing a char on the way…). Add to that it’s coded in Perl and uses Tcl/Tk. OK, these technologies are still alive and kicking…but they don’t excite me much.
I decided to bite the bullet and code my own version. Fasten your seat belt. Vala, Glade, GTK+ 3.8 will be the technologies used to develop what I called SshAdmin. Forget right now trolls about Gnome 3 and such. I do like it, period. If you want a QT/wxWidgets/some EFL lib/you name it, then develop your own ;)
Anyway, if you’re willing to give a hand and help its development, check Gitorious website. Note that it is *FAR* from working right now, I’m still begining with these technologies (as you can guess, as a SysAd, I’ve never toyed with Vala, Glade, nor GTK+.). Of course, code is released under GPL3.

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