The Zbox nano is still alive.
I've installed (manually…the only non-automated thing to be done in this project, minus the configuration of the… configuration manager) a fresh Debian 12.1 AMD64 on it. Wireless network interface is connected to ISP modem/router. Gigabit ethernet network interface is linked to the LAN part of the old & small & unsupported switch/router/firewall talked about in the previous post. WAN port won't be used.
Tinkerbell machine will act as Tinkerbell server (oh, Hi Captain Obvious !), network gateway and firewall.
Joke of the day is…Debian does not package Salt, and Salt repository only offers support for 10 and 11 versions for now. Oh well, we'll use Ansible. And not AWX. Why ? Easy install is a Docker/k8s/openshift beast. That's a bit too much to my taste. But, I've stumbled upon Ansible Semaphore which looks pretty sweet, and there are simple installation options. So let's give it a try. It'll run on the Tinkerbell machine
SFF Lenovo machines have been delivered close to home, but I won't be back at home until this sunday, so don't expect news until next week at best.

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