lw-homelab-01 step 0

Machines are at home. You won't get some unboxing nor video about these. There are more than enough tutorials on the internet if you need to learn about how to change/add RAM dimms to a PC.
While I'm at it, here begin problems. 2×4GB setup is OK. 1×8 and 2×8GB setups don't post/boot. I've taken a look at BIOS changelog, nothing about RAM compatibility…does not work with latest BIOS applied either. Oh well. I’ll get rid of these PNY DIMMS and get some others later.
I’ve decided to overhaul my usual set of programs. Exit good old Screen, welcome Zellij ! Yes, GNU Screen works perfectly well. I’m just challenging my habits not to get (too) lazy. I’ve never fully dived into VS Code mastery, as I’m not that much into dev. I’ve read about Helix and decided to take a dive. It’s infinitely more lightweight than VS Code. A bit less powerful (I can’t yet get ansible-language-server to help with autocompletion as I type, for example), but I love being able to do everything without leaving the keyboard. I’m about to use gitui too, once I get my current project in an acceptable form enough to get its first commit.
Current project ? Isn’t it the homelab deployment & automation ? Well. Yes. But my new dev env is part of it. So I’m ansible-ing that env deployment and configuration. That’s step 0. Next step is gateway/firewall/Tinkerbell configuration. I'm wondering about making this setup IPv6 only. I've never dived into it, that looks like an opportunity ! If time runs low, I’ll do a classical NAT/PAT IPv4 setup.
That’s it for today.

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